A Fine Art Photographer is an artist who creates his art by utilizing diverse media.

Like the artist who uses paper, paints, brushes and ink, A Fine Art Photographer
strives for the ultimate in perfection, works long hours and learns by his mistakes.

His final product is something he captured earlier in his mind and then releases a                          duplicate image for others to enjoy.                                         

Over the past 50+ years I have had the honor of photographing Presidents, Supreme Court Judges, Bugs, Funerals, Weddings, Kids & Families, Rocks & Weeds and everyday regular kinds of people and things. I was a Photojournalist, "Kidnapper" (you know.... shooting screaming kids for the old Family Record Plan) I've Owned a couple of Portrait and Commercial Studios, managed a Camera Store, shot Stock Images, was a magazine Photo Editor, founded three Camera Clubs, am an FAA general aviation, Helium Blimp and Part 107 Drone pilot all of which served me well in my aerial photography business for over 10 years. Professionally, I've earned my PAPA Master's degree my PPA Fellow and, last but not least I've been a Certificated Competition Judge for three decades. During that time, I've had the opportunity and pleasure to lecture, coach, mentor and teach individuals, small groups, large groups, clubs, associations and governmental organizations.  It has been wonderful to see the growth and excitement during those teaching moments. 

About 15 years ago I felt the tug to take all those experiences and apply them to images I wanted to create, not what each customer wanted photographed.... As I started down that journey, I began to realize that more and more of my fine art images were exactly what the doctor ordered, so to speak.  The hunt, the research & planning. Then the discovery, and execution truly became a road more and more traveled. The end result was, and isthe therapy for my sole. When all that is brought together in a creative way, I realized that my images often end up as stunning, desirable, sellable fine art collectable pieces. And, for the first time in a long time "my creative juices" were truly alive again!!

If you like what you see (or not) let me know. If you want to discuss a personal commission for something in your mind's eye or would like to discuss a potential purchase of one of my fine art pieces, simply drop me an e-mail via my Contact Page. I enjoy telling the stories behind the efforts and techniques involved in the creation of virtually every one of my fine art images.   Thank you for taking the time to look me over!