Is what I tell people I do for a living and this BLOG embodies this and a whole bunch more.  If you are interested in what makes an Fine Art Photographer click, this is the place to hang out.  On this "I shoot rocks and weeds" BLOG you can expect to be the first to know when I release a new Fine Art image, where my frequent gallery receptions will be held.  Not to mention when and where I am hosting or presenting a new lecture or workshop. 

It's where you can get the inside scoop, and kinda tag along, on my frequent photo shoots in and around the Central Oregon Coast and beyond.  Want to know how to create those really cool Milky Way images?  Or what my secret is for producing those great black & white landscapes? How about just seeing and reading up on my latest Image of the Month posting?  If any of this sparks an interest feel free to ride along and please tell me what you think............... It's always great to kibitz about what works and what doesn't ...............   Vern

Vern Bartley Image Creator Launches "I SHOOT ROCKS & WEEDS" Blog

July 04, 2014
Welcome back.................. It's been about a year since I published my last " Image of the Month " newsletter. During that 4 year effort I met some of the best people...
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